We believe that participation in the arts provides the ideal venue for children to grow in creativity, self-expression, leadership skills, team work, responsibility, work ethic, self-confidence, and humility.

The child’s experience in the arts will always trump the quality of the end product.  However, Haven Academy believes that a quality end product (recital, performance, art show etc.) is the result of performers and artists who have developed good character qualities such as a strong work ethic and a value in team work.  Therefore, Haven Academy will always strive for the highest quality so long as the child’s character development is not compromised and the holistic learning process remains at the forefront.

Cultivate Creativity

  • Classes and workshops in theatre, dance, music, and visual arts
  • Three musical theatre productions a year, each one focusing on a specific age group
  • Summer Theatre Camp where students can experience the arts for the first time

Cultivate Character

  • A safe and nurturing environment that eases parent concerns and cultivates personal growth in each student.
  • A program that encourages self-expression and artistic exploration with minimal criticism
  • Instructors who value each student as an individual
  • Family friendly script choices
  • Emphasis on team work, leadership skills, responsibility, work ethic, self-confidence, and humility in all classes and rehearsals

Cultivate Community

  • Ample opportunities for parents to volunteer backstage or in other production activities
  • Eight-hour parent volunteer requirement for each family participating in musical productions
  • Work days that bring children and adults together to build sets and create costumes
  • A program built upon donations and corporate sponsorships in addition to student tuition

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