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A single dandelion can produce up to 2,000 seeds.

At Haven, we think children are a lot like dandelions.  When we look at a child in our program, we don’t see a single flower.  We see 2,000 seeds.  2,000 seeds that will take flight into the wind and become 2,000 flowers. I see the thousands of lives that this single child will someday impact.

In one short week, 28 of our students and alumni pledged to join our #FiveForFlight campaign.  26 of these students have committed to donate $5 a month to Haven Academy’s Pico Union program.  The other two, the youngest of our bunch, committed $1 of their monthly allowance.

These students have pledged because they want you to know what Haven means to them.  They want you to know Haven is a worthy cause.  They hope that their $5 pledge will be a seed that takes flight into the wind, inspiring others to join our campaign.

Enter #FiveForFlight2.  Where we ask you to multiply the investment that our students and alumni have made.

$5 squared.

5 x 5 = $25

Joining our #FiveForFlight2 campaign by committing to a $25 monthly donation to Haven Academy of the Arts.

If $25 is a stretch for you financially, follow our students in committing $5 – because, as our Haven kids know – a little bit can go a long way.

To come fly with us, click here: Join Now!


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